Residential Pest Control – Mosquitos/Ticks

Residential Pest Control – Mosquitos/Ticks

Mosquitoes and ticks are certainly a nuisance but they’re just a part of summer right? They just go with the territory with warm weather, outdoor living, and summer rain. But, perhaps we can’t afford to just acknowledge that ticks and mosquitoes go with the territory of summer and outdoor living. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a tick-borne illness that is transmitted from an infected tick to humans through a tick bite. The scary thing about tick bites is we often don’t even know we’ve been bitten. Nymph stage ticks (or baby ticks) are the size of a poppy seed. You won’t even know you’ve been bitten if the bite is from a nymph/baby tick. Ticks - residential pest control

It has been reported that the West Nile Virus infected mosquitoes have been identified in the area. We have a testing program in place to test potential carriers for disease to alert residents to take extra precautions. The bad news is that mosquitoes have been identified here carrying the disease. The good news is there are no reported human cases yet.

So what are we to do to protect ourselves, our children, and our pets? Should we stay inside all summer? Of course not. That’s neither practical nor necessary. Your approach should be 2-tiered:

Treat your yard for mosquitoes and Ticks

Check yourself for ticks after time spent in grassy or wooded areas

Let’s face it. Most of your outdoor time this summer will be spent right in your own yard. We can treat your yard for mosquitoes and ticks. Our lawn/yard spray acts as a protective barrier around your property eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from your yard. Not only will your yard be a safe haven from mosquitoes and ticks, but our customers tell us their house is the most popular on the block because it’s the place to hang out without getting mosquito bites. mosquito control

Another important step is to check yourself after spending time outdoors in grassy and wooded areas. Ticks seek warm dark areas so they will often crawl under your sock, into your hair or in other covered areas. Check your body for any visible ticks. Another great thing to do is jump in a quick shower after gardening or hanging outside. This may wash off any nymph/baby ticks.

We want to help you protect your yard. If you sign up for service for the rest of the season and mention this blog post, ask for $50 off your seasonal spray package.

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