The Internet Radio And Its Manifold Potentials


Internet radio offers immense choice along with an array of other assorted advantages. The greatest strength of the internet radio is the availability of a variety of stations. It has extended his horizons from the basic genres. It also brings out the passionate hip-hop from the 1980’s. Internet radio also avails electronic music and video game soundtracks. It satisfies the taste of every individual through virtual streaming. The main advantage of the internet radio is that it runs very few commercials. On the other hand, the terrestrial radio station adds a lot of menace by streaming a steady range of commercials.

The internet radio stations run through the donations and subscriptions. They also play royalty free music. Hence these internet radio stations do not add to a load of commercial advertisements. The internet radio does not face any geographical limitations. It is available everywhere with an internet connection. A terrestrial radio station’s broadcast is always limited by geographical boundaries. A close proximity to the terrestrial radio station is required to listen to their broadcasts. Some of the broadcasts of the terrestrial radio station are also streamed online. The requisites for listening to internet radio remain unaffected right from its existence in the late 1990’s.

A computer with Windows, Mac OS or Linux version is the only requisites for listening to internet radio. With preinstalled software, music can be streamed online. In the meantime, more streaming radio stations are accessible through video game consoles and Smartphones. Dial-up modems avail lower-bandwidth Internet radio stations. The internet radio offers unsurpassed sound quality similar to that of a CD. While terrestrial radio stations lose a radio signal owing to interference and environmental causes, internet radio does not face problems of that sort. In the trending technological world, internet radio can thus be a right choice to explore.

Usher In The Era Of Internet Radio

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What exactly is Internet Radio?
Internet radio is exactly what the name implies. You can transmit music, radio shows to millions of users all over the globe using the internet instead of air signals like traditional AM, FM radios. Internet radio is not bound by the limits of geography like conventional radio.

How does it work?
There are two major ways by which internet radio works.

Version I – You are the Originatorunnamed
In this method, you provide the audio or music to be transmitted right from your system to your listeners online. You can make use of software to turn your desktop into a server that streams audio. This helps your listeners to tune into your streaming station to listen to your channel. Apart from the streaming software you also need broadcasting software. The best thing is that this software is easily available online and you can even download them for free.

You can even purchase reputed software and get started with your own online internet radio station in no time. The one drawback of this method is that the number of listeners you can tune into your station all depends on the rate at which you can access the internet. For instance, if you have a poor internet connection then the number of listeners will be seriously restricted.

Version II – You use a Server as your Source
In this method, you still need the use of a broadcasting software but you send your audio to a server, which then uploads it to a streaming software. The major advantage of this method is that you can easily increase the number of listeners. The servers are typically equipped to handle plenty of requests at a time, thereby they can deal with several listeners at the same moment.
So what are you waiting for? Set up your dream internet radio station today.