The Health Hazards Of Internet Addiction


With mounting technology, there arises an array of health hazards. Spending long hours online results in a myriad of cerebral issues. Internet Addiction Test, a tool for determining internet addiction was found as early as 1998. With a drastic change in the use of internet over the past years, question the reliability of this tool. Dr. Michael Van Ameringen, professor of behavioral neuroscience at McMaster carried out a research for estimating internet addiction among a small group of teenagers with a new screening tool. Almost all teenagers displayed signs of depression, impulsiveness, anxiety and stress indicating high levels of internet addiction.

The addicted lot were not able to control their online usage. The researchers also found that the teenagers were found using instant messaging tools and social networking sites throughout the day. They also exhibited a compulsive behavior which resulted in an inability to handle day to day routines. Most often internet addiction goes unnoticed. Many times this lesser known phenomenon leads to severe psychopathology. All studies on the prevailing internet addiction still remain in its preliminary stages. Dr. Jan Buitelaar, professor of psychiatry at Radboud University says, a bigger sample from a wider and mixed population can provide a better research output.