Are You Getting The Best Auto Insurance Rate


Are You Getting The Best Auto Insurance Rate In Your State?

People like to believe that they will get treated properly by their insurers. This may be the case, but you would not know until you check it out. Consumers should always remember one thing. There is a clash of interest whenever a company likes to offer the best deals. Any rate cut will result in loss of profits and this may stop them looking hard to provide keen insurance


This makes it necessary to look after your own interest by ensuring that all the discounts you deserve is applied to your premium. In most cases you can achieve this by knowing a little bit about the ways to cut rates. At the end, you may not need to move away from the current provider if they agree with the points you highlighted while asking for a discount.

However, you should not hold back to switch when you fail with your negotiations and there is a better rate on the table from another great carrier. What we mean by checking out? It requires getting several quotes, ideally at renewal period. There is nothing to lose. If you are already getting a good deal, it is great. If you can manage to bring the costs down, it is even better.

Every company has its strengths and areas they are good at. Like any other business, there are so many areas an insurer can be effective. Choosing their policyholders carefully so that they need to pay minimum amount of claims is one area. Investing the premiums collected efficiently is another. Setting up highly successful quote solutions and websites that enables customers to buy policies and submit claims is a new technology used to cut operating costs.

All those little adjustments can allow auto insurers to make enough money even though they offer competitive rates. So, question as much as you like, but understand that while one provider is demanding over the odds, even better one can come up with keen offers. Policyholders are the main asset of an insurance company. Attracting new ones is like new investments in their parts.

That is why they come up with appealing policies and run campaigns all the time. It is up to you to make the most of these by being on the watch out. For example, if you had a claim last year but otherwise a careful driver, most companies will still quote quite high premiums. All you need to do is to find that one insurer that sees past that claim. Take a longer perspective. When they look at a few years of history, they can see that this was one isolated incident. When they look at a few years further, they may notice that you are all profits from now on.

There are many factors affecting a premium offered. A negative view will highlight all the small imperfection in your life like not perfect credit score, a slightly higher engine power in your car, living in an inner city zip code. A positive view will show that you have a steady job, use subway to go to work and a homeowner with a settled address. The question is; what type of a company are you insured with? One that is looking for ways of pushing your rates up or the other that is doing everything they can to have a long relationship with you.

Sorry if we have not minced our words here. One reason for it is that collective customer reactions keep companies in check with their prices and services. When you are demanding as a consumer, you help others as well since you tell providers that they cannot get even with their excessive charges. As a final note we, at Car Insurance San Antonio are asking, would love you to save money on car insurance. Hope you will come back to see what we have written lately or get quotes on our platform.

Eating Fish – Your Key To A Healthy Heart


You would have come across several articles that claim that eating fish twice a week puts an end to various health issues and eliminates several health risks. In today’s show we delve into the truth behind this fact.

Fish especially those that have darker flesh like herring and salmon are chock full of heart healthy, good unsaturated, omega 3 fatty acids. Though these good fats impact your health in a good way, this is not the sole benefit of eating fish. The dietary guidelines proposed by the US health department state that adults should eat around eight ounces of fish and other seafood every week to get the whole lot of benefits of fish. The nutrients in seafood include Vitamins A, D, B, lean muscle building protein and other minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and iodine.

Fish is very low in cholesterol as well as saturated fat. Hence pregnant as well as breast feeding women are encouraged to eat around twelve ounces of fish. However you should avoid fish that has high methyl mercury like shark, tuna, sword fish and mackerel.

Fish is a preferred choice for protein than meat. Most people though only consider the omega 3 present in fish and do not consider a whole lot of other benefits that eating fish provides. On a comparison between the same portion size of cod and T-bone steak, it is found that fish contains twenty six grams of protein and only one gram of fat. The steak on the other hand though contains more proteins contains a higher amount of saturated fat. So, fish wins the battle hands down when it comes to the best source of protein.

However, remember that the nutrients depend on the type of fish you choose. So try to include all types of fish in your diet and do not forget to include nutrient rich river water fish.

Enjoy your fish and spike your health benefits!

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What’s In Trend In The Music Industry Right Now?


The recently concluded musical summit in Nashville, Tennessee was a great success. The event featured speeches from leaders of the music industry who gathered to discuss the future of the musical world and the impacts of digitization on it. I grew up in a time when we had to pay around $12 dollars to pick a CD of my favorite band. Now we have moved to the stage where for a mere $10 dollars per month you can subscribe to an all you can hear music plan. So how does this change the revenues generated by the music industry and where it is headed? Answers for all this and more were discussed at this summit.

Here is a quick rundown on the important facts of the event.


1. The Day of Independent Record Houses is long gone
Record labels are slowly dying a fast death. They no longer attract new talents and are clinging desperately to their sole cash cows. New talents are looking to newer platforms, mostly online to launch themselves to fame. Streaming platforms have a great opportunity to limit exposure of artists and the process is bound to get optimized in the near future.

2. Artists are looking for alternative ways to make money
Streaming and downloading of music is not the only way by which artists make their money. The increasing popularity of music festivals provides a great way to generate revenue not only for the biggest names in the industry, but even for young and up-coming talents. Listening to your favorite artists live is gaining back popularity and this has led to the increase in tours and other ways to interact and perform before audiences. With globalization, local brands are getting more and more popular in other places out of their geographical zone.

We will continue the discussion of the future trends of the music industry in an upcoming post. Till then stay tuned and live music.